Programs are divided by grade levels. The Grade level is the grade your child is going into NEXT school year, 2019-2020.

**These programs use food products and may not be suitable for campers with food allergies.



**Mini-Mad Scientists: **Allergy Alert** - peanut butter and dairy

Grade 1 Campers will enjoy hands-on introductory activities and learn about bubbles, magnets, the five senses, colors & light, and other basic science topics.

Wee World of Science:

These young scientist will explore hands-on activities focused around the color spectrum, creating mixtures, identifying acids, simulating pollution, demonstrating a recycling process, and many more engaging science explorations.

Grades 2-4


Animal Adaptations:

Sharks, snakes, insects, bats, turtles, oh my! Campers will discover why turtles have shells, why some insects have camouflage, and why rattlesnakes have rattles. They will learn how animals' adaptations help them survive in their environment. Campers will enjoy observing live animals, hunting insects, holding a shark's jaw, and more.

DINOmite Discoveries:

Campers will become paleontologists as we go on fossil hunts, dig for bones, track dinosaur footprints, investigate extinctions, and re-create life-size and replica dinosaurs. With a lot of take home activities, this program is a fun-filled week of discovery.

**Food Glorious Food: **Allergy Alert** - dairy, peanut, chocolate

Campers in this program will learn about science by using and making food. Activities include making bubble gum and ice cream, tie-dyeing with food pigments, and crafting edible rocks. They will learn about soil stratification, nutrition, atoms, landforms, and more. Campers need to bring a white cotton t-shirt for tie-dye on Tuesday.

**Early Encounters With Science: **Allergy Alert** - dairy

Activities in this introductory program are especially designed for the budding young scientist of tomorrow. Campers will get a positive first impression as they perform exciting, hands-on activities in the four major branches of science: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Physics. Campers will learn about plants, weight, displacement, air pressure, density of solids and liquids, polymers (like plastic and snot!), tornadoes and more.

Grades 3-4


The Body Machine:

Have you ever made blood soup? What about rubbery chicken bones? Have you ever held a beating heart in your hand? Well, now you can! In this kid-friendly program, campers will learn about the most amazing machine - the human body. Campers will create working models of the hand, heart, stomach and lungs. They will test the world’s fastest super computer (the human brain), investigate taste buds and saliva, and much more.

**To Infinity and Beyond: **Allergy Alert** - peanuts, dairy, gluten

Campers will explore the Universe as they take a galactic vacation. Along the way, they will learn about human space exploration, our solar system, the moon, constellations, and types of galaxies. They will make a 3-D solar system puzzle, moon phase flip booklet, a Mars rover, and a space suit for a potato!

Grades 4-6


Math Magic:

Discover the magic of math! Campers will learn mathematical card tricks, create designs, build kaleidoscopes, discover the secrets of winning games, and much more. Math magic is your opportunity to have fun using math.

**Xtreme Earth **Allergy Alert** - Oreos, candy, cupcakes

Campers will explore Earth’s most extraordinary events by creating extreme earthquakes, twisting tornadoes, gushing geysers and much more. Activities focus on the creation and use of models (some edible) that will help campers discover the dynamic forces around the Earth and beyond.

It's Alive!:

Campers will experience the wonders of life and its processes through exploration of both the microscopic world and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Activities include observing of pond water organisms, creating terrariums, aquariums, and worm towers, holding snail races, and dissecting owl pellets. Campers will have an opportunity to take home live animals in the ecosystems they have created for them!

Up & Away:

Explore the world of flight! Campers will discover the forces of flight, including lift, drag, thrust, and gravity. Activities include designing and testing kites, parachutes, hot air balloons, gliders, planes, helicopters, and different types of rockets.

Grades 5-9



Whodunnit? Campers will learn and use the techniques and materials used in crime scene investigations. They will solve a variety of crimes by analyzing fingerprints, fiber samples, footprints, plant and soil samples, handwriting, DNA, and more to determine what happened, and who might have done it!

Crazy Chemistry:

Campers will become chemists as they explore the world of chemistry. Topics will include matter, chemical reactions, acids and bases, polar and non-polar bonding, and polymers. Activities include learning chemistry magic tricks, separating ink, tie-dyeing, and creating slime!

PHUN with Physics:

Campers will experiment with light and lasers, Newton's Laws of Motion, electricity and circuits, magnetism, and more.  Campers will use their new found physics knowledge to build their very own Rube Goldberg machine .

Model Rocketry:

Beginning - Activities include learning the history and theory of rocketry, rocket propulsion, Newton's Laws of Motion, and rocket safety. Campers will build and launch two skill level I rockets.
Intermediate - Activities include learning about NASA, trajectory, additional theory of rocketry, building two upper skill level rockets, launching them, and calculating their height. Campers MUST have previous model rocket building experience or have taken Beginning Rocketry.

Grades 6-9


Creative Engineering:

Are you ready for a challenge? Campers will work to solve design problems as well as make a catapult, build a vehicle that floats on air and draw and construct their own balsa wood bridge.