Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of your most frequently asked questions here. If there happens to be something we have missed, you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help.


How do I check availability?

When classes become full, the information will be posted on the Registration Page. Please check there frequently for updated information.

Do you have extended day care before or after camp?

Unfortunately there is no extended day care. We ask that you drop off your campers no earlier than 8AM for the morning and 12PM for the afternoon; and pick them up promptly at 11:30AM for the morning and 3:30PM for the afternoon.

What happens between the sessions if my child comes all day?

We have a supervised lunch and recess time between sessions. Campers should bring their own lunch and drink, ready to eat (nothing that requires a microwave). A brown bag with their name on it is best. We put lunches in a refrigerator during the morning session, then bring them out for campers in time for lunch.

My child is old for their grade and/or is gifted. Does that matter?

No. We have worked hard to make camp programs grade appropriate. There are certain concepts that children learn at certain grade levels; so when a young camper gets into a wrong program, it is always easy to spot. They require more time from the counselor and do not have as much fun. It also takes enjoyment away from the campers who are in the appropriate grade-level program. Thank you for understanding that we make no exceptions.

How old do campers need to be?

We do not determine camper status by age, but rather by grades. Campers need to be entering grades 1-9 to attend SDC. Program grades are the grades your camper will be in next fall when they start school again.

Is Science Discovery Camp for both girls and boys?

Yes, all classes are geared to both girls and boys. Your child will have an amazing week no matter if they are a boy or a girl.