Camper Info

We Need Your Help

If you are attending Science Discovery Camp, we ask you to bring some of the items listed below. Please bring them on the first day of camp if possible. Feel free to bring extra to help out another camper who can’t, or one who forgot. If you don’t have an item or two, don’t worry about it! Please bring exact items: pay attention to measurement, no jelly jars or glass jars, etc. Please make sure they are all empty and clean. Thank you so much for your help. See you at camp!

What to bring

  • 2 liter bottles without lids (AS MANY AS YOU CAN BRING, we ran out last year)
  • 11 oz coffee can (METAL) with lid (AS MANY AS YOU CAN BRING, we ran out last year)
  • Tall glass baby food jars with lids
  • 16 oz margarine, butter, cool whip, sour cream, dip containers with lids

Food Glorious Food Campers ONLY:

Please bring 1 white, 100% cotton item for tie-dye. Put your name on it. (T-shirt, socks, pillowcase, etc.)

Crazy Chemistry Campers ONLY:

Please bring 1 DARK COLORED 100% cotton item for reverse tie-dye. Put your name on it. (T-shirt, socks, pillowcase, etc.)

Camp Info

Everything you need to know before camp

If you are attending Science Discovery Camp for the first time, or even the 25th time, please take a moment to read below. See you at camp!

Things to Know

  1. For directions to Royalmont Academy:
    Please visit our directions page. SDC 2019 is at Royalmont Academy at 200 Northcrest Dr in Mason. You can only enter off of Kings Mills Road.
  2. For emergencies during the week of Camp:
    Call Cameron on his cell phone at 513-510-9587 ONLY during camp.
  3. For lunch:
    If your camper is staying all day, they will need to bring a lunch. We prefer your camper brings their lunch in a paper or plastic bag with their name marked on it. Larger lunch boxes take up too much space in the refrigerator. They will not have access to a microwave. Please note that we are not providing drinks this year.
  4. For pickup:
    You may either park in the parking lot and walk up the sidewalk to the doors to pick up your camper(s), or you may drive up the main driveway and pull to the right side curb where our staff will direct you. If you are parked at the curb, please do not leave your car. Do not stop to pick campers up in the driving lane. If you parked in the lot, please walk all the way down the sidewalk and do not cross between cars.
  5. For rockets:
    Parents are welcome to come watch the rocket launch if their child is enrolled in a Rocketry program. Rockets are launched on Thursday and Friday (weather permitting) in the morning around 10:30, and in the afternoon around 2:30. Launches take place behind the school, by the playgrounds.
  6. For next year:
    You will automatically be on our mailing list for next summer’s camp if you register for this year. We hope you enjoy(ed) camp, and we look forward to seeing you next summer for more science discovery!